Corporate turnarounds require a highly qualified asset management team. Missteps can devalue a property’s brands as well as investor capital. The extensive experience of the GRL Capital Advisors team uniquely positions the firm to advise owners, lenders and other stakeholders. Adept at working with management teams across many industries, GRL knows that successful outcomes demand the ability to tap the knowledge and expertise of an organization’s existing leadership.

Some of GRL’s enterprise improvement capabilities include:

  • Creating and implementing a comprehensive action plan
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to the enterprise
  • Auditing and determining financial assets and liabilities
  • Assessing branding, market position, the competitive landscape and potential opportunities
  • Monitoring, evaluating and responding to industry trends
  • Establishing intensive yield and revenue management for maximum income
  • Prioritizing programs to optimize the turnaround process
  • Producing comprehensive sales and marketing plans
  • Reviewing contracts, insurance policies and agreements

Decisive action, astute analysis, and an experienced asset management team distinguish GRL Capital Advisors from its peers.

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