GRL Capital Advisors can act as principal when making strategic investments in underperforming companies, turnarounds and special situations. These investments have included manufacturing, financial services, logistics, and retail firms–typically middle market growth companies–with revenues ranging from $50 million to $300 million.

The ability to act as principal differentiates GRL from its peers. The firm’s in-house professionals instinctively know how to identify companies with a sustainable core business and rigorously vet potential investments.

As part of the investment process, GRL will:

  • Invest in bank debt, trade claims, seller notes and high yield securities
  • Evaluate a company’s senior management
  • Manage equity investments
  • Assess market position, competitive landscape or franchise value
  • Create a comprehensive overview of filings, financials, operations, customers, competitors and suppliers
  • Build historical and projected financial performance reports

The GRL team is adept in the most fluid of organizational situations.

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