GRL Capital Advisors specializes in the U.S. distressed real estate market. Active in real estate development, management and investment, GRL acquires assets below market value and replacement cost. The team adds value through careful asset management and ultimately timely disposal. GRL is strictly focused on opportunistic value in distressed markets.

The background and expertise of the GRL team support a keen understanding of complex situations from the perspective of lender, investor, borrower and operator. In previous engagements, GRL has:

  • Acted as principal, directly buying a note or providing capital to a distressed borrower or owner
  • Been a strategic restructuring or workout advisor to lenders, investors and borrowers
  • Participated in joint ventures with large institutional investors and real estate operators that are making investments in the distressed segment of the market

The sole goal of the GRL Capital Advisors real estate team is to create mutually beneficial solutions for distressed borrowers, investors and lenders.

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