GRL Capital Advisors is an industry-leading group of professionals and affiliates capable of developing and assisting in the implementation of long-term strategic plans and operating solutions for public and private companies. Some of GRL Capital Advisor’s many clients include leading hedge funds, banks, private equity firms, and family or investor-owned organizations.

Members of the GRL Capital Advisors team have a minimum of 25 years of experience and the skill set necessary to analyze complex multifaceted businesses. The team prides itself on cross-industry experience and their unique perspective on every challenge. The GRL approach is premised on detailed, granular analyses followed by tactically precise decision-making. This rigor is the foundation of the GRL methodology, and it is backed by a suite of services that includes performance analyses, business strategy evaluations, monitoring services and field audits.

As experienced investors and operators, GRL executives are dedicated to using their own in-house capabilities and expertise to help management teams build companies that will continue to grow in value. To assist in the effort, Glenn has sourced and selected a portfolio of best in class technologies to streamline order management, supply chain execution, accounting, telecommunications, and other back office operations.

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